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To enter the
ChiaroScuro concept

means to benefit from a large variety of services that derive from our experience; services that will avoid you from doing mistakes and that will protect you from the storms of the market.

anche gli imprenditori che si stanno avvicinando a questo tipo di business.
Franchising first of all means transmission of know how.
This is why at ChiaroScuro we put maximal attention to the training both of the future director/manager and of the personnel that will work at the selling point.
The support which we from ChiaroScuro Concept offer our partners is not only the training. First of all we start with an accurate evaluation of the chosen location and with the drawing up of a specific business plan.
Then, during the opening phase, the support continues working side by side with the personnel of the new caffetteria; and goes on also after the opening thanks to maintenance agreements, promotions and the continuous renewal of the menu products.

ChiaroScuro is a brand of Mokaflor - Via delle Torri, 55 - 50142 Italia - tel. +39 055 7321718 - Fax +39 055 7321719 - -

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