Coffee shop ChiaroScuro - Franchising partnership

For the ChiaroScuro project the ideal partner is someone with whom we would like to work together side by side.

It might seem obvious, but we are very careful to get to know well the person who decides to open a ChiaroScuro cafetteria, because the first step is the most important one.
The person we look for is a strong person, because this is hard work: he or she has to be sensible, because this will be the key to the heart of who will come to the caffetteria and has to have lots of good sense, because this is what you talk about when you talk of leadership.
Last but no least he or she has to have an eye for details, be against any banality and know that quality isn’t just a word

ChiaroScuro is a brand of Mokaflor - Via delle Torri, 55 - 50142 Italia - tel. +39 055 7321718 - Fax +39 055 7321719 - -

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