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In the ChiaroScuro caffetterias, coffee is the starting point and the heart of a universe of different preparations and new discoveries.

  • The ChiaroScuro blends: an espresso with a taste perfectly balanced between the aroma of the best arabica coffees and the body of the most intense robusta coffees.
  • The single origin coffees: the taste of the best plantations. Jamaica, Mexico, India, Guatemala, and the whole world.
  • The recipes: ChiaroScuro meets chocolate, hazelnuts, cream, balsamic vinegar and more for original and tasty recipes.
  • Sweets: chocolate covered coffee beans, bon bon, famous Florentine almond cookies called “cantucci”, biscuits and cakes of the Italian coffee tradition.
ChiaroScuro is a brand of Mokaflor - Via delle Torri, 55 - 50142 Italia - tel. +39 055 7321718 - Fax +39 055 7321719 - -

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