Franchising coffee shop – ChiaroScuro Concept

ChiaroScuro is a brand of Mokaflor that has been created to promote high quality projects. New blends, valuable single

origin coffees, fancy items, coffee machines and much more.
The project ChiaroScuro has naturally evolved to a caffetteria concept able to hold this world, in which we believe.
This is how the ChiaroScuro concept started, with the pilot point in Florence.
We understand this project, that exists as the commercial form of franchising, in line with everything we do at Mokaflor, without banalities.
In our concept “coffee” is no longer one voice of the menu, but it is the starting point for a whole universe of preparations and proposals.
Moreover, the style of the ChiaroScuro selling points is neither “hi tech” nor simply Italian: it is a charming and warm world, drew by the light colours of wood and copper.

ChiaroScuro concept:
no bean is too small not to have a world inside.

ChiaroScuro is a brand of Mokaflor - Via delle Torri, 55 - 50142 Italia - tel. +39 055 7321718 - Fax +39 055 7321719 - -

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