The espresso and other types of coffees

Since more than fifty years Mokaflor
works with high quality and gives great attention to innovation. Mokaflor buys the raw coffee beans directly from the big international markets and then roasts them in a rotating drum roaster;

this method allows to roast each coffee variety according to its single characteristics avoiding standardisations.
The Mokaflor blends are continuously tested in order to offer always the same taste despite the natural change of a product like the coffee bean.
Probably it’s because of the passion that stands behind the choice and the attention to the details that numerous northern European Espresso Schools choose our Mokaflor blends.
Mokaflor has been one of the first companies to launch flavoured coffees and single origin coffees on international fairs, and the first to use elegant rigid packaging. Still, after 50 years our products encounter success on new markets.

In one word, Mokaflor does it and does it well.

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